Anywhere and anytime—mobile colour design with ease

Our colour designer allows you to quickly develop harmonious colour concepts for the façade or the interior while you are away from the office

At a glance

  • Design your pictures with colour
  • Templates for house façades & sample rooms
  • Edit your own photos
  • Manage your own projects
  • Share your projects

Instant colour design—to go!

The app for quick visualisation of your design ideas. You can share your ideas with other SPECTRUM family members at any time, no matter where you are.

Live video—designing buildings in real time!

The highlight of the app. Under “Live video” you can colour façades and interior walls in the desired shade in real time—simply by tapping on the moving image.

Your colour!

Are you looking for a colour to match your favourite furniture? Do you dream of walls painted in different colour combinations? SPECTRUM_mobile supports your imagination in a creative and intuitive way! Did you know that you can determine the shades of many surfaces in an instant with the ColorReaderPRO and transfer them directly to the app via Bluetooth?

Share your ideas!

That’s inspiring—show others your interior or your façade design. This significantly facilitates your decision-making process!

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