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Your Caparol ColorDesignStudio

1 / 2022
Inspiration 1 / 2022:
Trend 2022

Discover the rich colour world of the wild mallow and use mauve to effortlessly bring happiness and lightness into all rooms.

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2 / 2017
Inspiration 2 / 2017:
Trend 2018
Learn all about the latest trend colours, trend combinations and backgrounds. Why is forest green the colour of the year? And why is the dachshund hip again?
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1 / 2017
Inspiration 1 / 2017:
Facade Design
The colour experts demonstrate what design can do on the facade. What are the latest facade trends? And what do holes in cheese have to do with facade design?
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3 / 2016
Inspiration 3 / 2016:
Trend 2017
The trend-setting nuances in 2017: Why royal blue is the colour of the year and why the cactus is experiencing a revival...
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2 / 2016
Inspiration 2 / 2016:
Colour Research Vol. II
The colour scouts are on the track of Germany's facade colours. On regional differences, mineral pigments and bold varnish colours...
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1 / 2016
Inspiration 1 / 2016:
Work in Progress
A look behind the scenes of the ColorDesignStudio. On the development of a colour fan, digital surfaces and colour designs in the course of time.
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4 / 2015
Inspiration 4 / 2015:
Colour Research VOL. I
Have you ever asked yourself which colours are typical for Belgium, France or Sweden? Insights into a project exploring Europe's colour identity.
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3 / 2015
Inspiration 3 / 2015:
The Germans' favourite colour - a highlight for the wall. About the longing for blue in surfaces, on facades and in rooms.
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2 / 2015
Inspiration 2 / 2015:
The variety of coloured metals allows impressive wall designs. Which effect pigments are available? And how can you conjure gold on the wall in a different way?
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1 / 2015
Inspiration 1 / 2015:
Find out more about the variety of copper shades. How does a patina actually develop? And how does it work on the wall? What has Falun red got to do with copper?
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