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The CaparolProduct WorldA unique product range

With so many high quality options to choose among, it may be difficult to identify the Caparol creation that’s an exact match to your need. Luckily, we’re more than happy to provide sufficient information, addressing all of your questions. You can obtain detailed information on the technical properties, values or information on processing of all items of the Caparol product range. In addition, you can acquire further specialist knowledge with our informative documentation such as Technical Data sheets and Test Certifications.

The Nespri-TEC System

The patented technology for mist-free spraying

Benefit from our unique, patented Nespri-TEC System for mist-free spraying. There is no other technology on the market that is this fast, economical, safe and mist-free clean! With Nespri-TEC special Caparol paint recipes can be applied to surfaces without bothersome mist – indoors and out Parked cars in the vicinity, pedestrian paths or neighbouring buildings no longer have to be covered up. This saves time and money, and surface performance is increased considerably on the basis of this alone.

An economic necessity for the trade

The challenges that you as a professional are faced with on a daily basis are versatile and constantly increasing. In time of increasing wages combined with a lack of younger professionals in the trade, rational working methods are becoming more and more important. With Nespri-TEC we have created an innovative solution for this situation. Make use of this technology for your success and benefit in the long term:

  • Higher surface performance as a result of quicker and precise paint application
  • No extra covering expenditure even for trimming jobs
  • No unnecessary loss of material resulting from spray mist emission
  • Ergonomic, non-fatiguing work
  • Sustainable, resource-friendly coating method

The Nespri-TEC System protects the health of your employees, the environment and of course, your wallet!

The materials

Caparol offers a broad range of materials that you can process mist-free with the Nespri-TEC System. Since the introduction of the technology in 2004, the product range has been subject to consequent further development and now also encompasses a primer, two interior paints, three facade paints as well as a pure acrylate paint for interior and exterior application. You can therefore use a suitable system solution for virtually any application and object situation. Rest-assured mist free!

The machine technique

The complete solution: The airless paint-spraying system NesprayPlus, specially developed for the Nespri-TEC system, is an element of the mist-free spraying technology. The patented long-stroke membrane technology by WAGNER ensures for even more performance. The even transportation of material prevents fluctuations in the formation of the droplets, which optimises the efficiency of application when spraying. The paint spraying unit is handy and has a construction site-appropriate design and can be easily transported by a passenger car.

The perfect supplement for your airless device: The NesprayKit by WAGNER is the perfect supplement for anyone who already has an airless device and wishes to benefits from mist-free spraying. Mist-free spraying is only possible with defined configurations and settings.