Thermal insulation from Caparol

There are good reasons for having thermal insulation. This is because we all want to reduce heating costs, Simultaneously, the building structure should be retained and the living comfort increased. Therefore, what applies now and in the future – whether new construction, modernisation or refurbishment, those who insulate reap the benefits for decades to come.

Exterior area

For many years thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) from Caparol have represented high-tech facades, "Made in Germany". Millions of square metres insulated with Caparol and the many years of experience by a brand manufacturer ensure thermal insulation with excellent performance features. For economic efficiency, flexibility or design possibilities – with the Caparol ETICS range of products you and your customers profit from well-developed facade insulation of the highest quality.

Intelligent insulation solutions with a system


Capatect System Natur+



Many house owners appreciate the problem. If the attic insulation is dispensed with, the heat flows unimpaired through the ceiling of the top storey into the unused storage space. Unheated basement rooms produce a frosty atmosphere on the ground floor in winter. The consequence is cold feet in apartments in which an unnecessary amount of energy and heating costs have to be invested. With solutions from Caparol valuable energy can be saved in both cases.

Attic insulation


Basement ceiling insulation


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