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Capatect interior insulation

Simple.Effective.Smart as an elephant.

As the specialist for thermal insulation, Caparol also ensures perfect interior insulation. With the Capatect interior insulation system, we combine energy preservation with optimum room climate and living aesthetics. Opt for your individual system solution:

  • IDS Mineral - the ecological alternative. Specially designed for application in public areas, non-flammable.
  • IDS Protect - reduces moisture on component surfaces and thus supports long-term prevention of fungal infestation.

The simple thing about it: All three system solutions can be processed with the same lean and optimally fitting system components.

The IDS system components at a glance

Sometimes exterior values determine the process. As is the case with the insulation of historic buildings with timber-framed, stucco, brick or natural stone facades. Beauty has priority in such cases. Even if everything speaks for facade insulation in terms of building physics, we ensure that the inner values also fit for historical buildings.

The full-surface adhesive, homogeneous system of the Capatect IDSystems is full of innovations. This ensures safety, as does the IDS seal of quality of the Fachverband WDVS [ETICS Trade Association], which our systems naturally bear. Or the unique market innovation IDS Thermowinkel, which replaces the visually noticeable insulation wedge and therefore represents a true highlight. But only all elements together ensure that warm beauty comes from the inside. 

7 reasons for Capatect interior insulation systems

Combine interior insulation with the creative possibilities of Caparol! Watch out for this symbol:

Attractive surface designs also in capillary-active system structure

Mineral- and/or silicate-based surface finishes must be used to ensure the functionality and safety of application of capillary-active interior insulation systems for prefabricated building solutions. This applies to plasters and fillers as well as to paints.

To demonstrate the diverse possibilities of the Caparol product range and to offer you the reassurance and the certainty of a tested prefabricated building solution, Caparol now offers a new orientation aid. The logo "InteriorInsulationSystem compatible".

This logo is borne by more and more Caparol products and product guides, which can be verifiably employed in combination with the Capatect systems IDS Mineral and IDS Protect. However this not only applies to finishing plaster. Also products for substrate preparation, primers, fillers, varnishes and paints are tested in the system structure.

Watch out for the new logo "InnenDämmSystem kompatibel"!

Tested safety in the Caparol system in the following fields of application:

  • Histolith historical building preservation
  • Capadecor decorative interior wall techniques 
  • Caparol coatings and surfacing 
  • Capatect facade and insulation technology

A further benefit for you. The use of tried-and-tested product quality in new fields of application.