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Capatect IDSystem Mineral

System structure and performance features

IDSystem Mineral enhances the product offering with the mineral insulation board.

From an ecological perspective, this is a particularly good choice for use in public areas (e.g. emergency escape routes). 

The system is characterised by its mineral, non-flammable insulation board and bears the coveted IBR Seal of Approval for harmless products in terms of building biology.

IDS Mineral wall structure

System details

  • Thermally insulated? = 0.042 W/(mK)
  • Bears ecological seal of approval 
  • Non-flammable, A1

Innovation IDS Thermowinkel

The IDS Thermowinkel is the best proof there is that progress does not stop at moist corners! Our unique innovation for fungus protection convinces in terms of processing with all systems: Mineral, Protect.

Similar to the insulation wedge, the IDS Thermowinkel ensures a higher surface temperature – particularly in critical areas such as thermal bridges. The difference to an insulation wedge is that once the IDS Thermowinkel has been embedded in the old plaster layer, it is no longer visible. The invisible innovation against fungus!

The IDS Thermowinkel consists of a perforated aluminium elbow clad on an insulation strip with adhere reinforcement fabric. Its effectiveness can be attributed to the fact that with its aluminium sheet, it conducts the heat extremely well and, in this manner, transports higher surface temperatures in the corner. The coldest spot is therefore no longer in the corner, but on a connecting part where it is heated quicker by the faster speed of the air. The risk of fungal accumulation is therefore averted!

Example of the progression of the temperature without thermal insulation and with thermal insulation and Thermowinkel