Caparol Academy

Fit for success

As an application worker, dealer, architect, or designer you always have to deepen and expand your specialist knowledge. The Caparol Academy is your competent partner: make use of our attractive range of seminars, choose from the wide variety of content – from technical innovations through creative design to legal and business management questions.

The Caparol Academy has been awarded the "Best range of advanced training in the sector" several times and offers you:

  • Exclusive range of seminars
    We offer you a broad spectrum of subjects. The Caparol Academy has already received the award "Best range of advanced training in the sector" for the third time. 

  • Very practically orientated  
    Our specialist seminars are characterised by being very practically orientated. You can "have a go" yourself in applying new products and technologies.

  • Top experts
    We recruit our experienced presenters externally and from within our own company; the seminars are only given by specialists with proven practical experience.