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Sustainability as responsibility

Meet the needs of man, nature and environment

As quality leader, we have a responsibility: it is our duty to find a balance between economy, environmental compatibility and quality of life. This includes of course, the protection of the environment, the efficient use of resources and the creation of a comfortable living environment for the people. We want to contribute - with our thoughts and actions, with our products and solutions.

This attitude of sustainability has always been part of our corporate philosophy. As a traditional family-owned company, it accompanies us now in the fifth generation. The wide range of low emission and solvent-free paints, water-dilutable varnishes and lacquers and low emission floor coatings in our assortment are proof of that. We also consistently define new, worldwide standards with our numerous sustainable products and system solutions.

Exemplary products and systems

In 1985 we introduced our product Indeko plus, the world’s first emission-minimized and solvent-free interior paint. Today, all Caparol interior paints carry the coveted E.L.F. seal of quality. Since 1957 we are also in the market of high-performance thermal insulation systems. After all, one third of the world wide CO2 emissions are caused by buildings – here we can make a large contribution to climate protection with our smart systems and products. The Dalmatiner exterior insulation board is an important innovation in that sector.

Next to the products, their contents and manufacturing methods we also emphasize socio-cultural contexts: We complement our product range by offering specific color concepts – e.g. for educational facilities, or in the areas of health and care.

Furthermore the excellent quality ensures for sustainability, because the high quality standard of our products leads to good, long lasting results. This extends the renovation cycles which on the long term means: our customers can save material, energy and money.