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Innovation as endeavour

Contributing ideas, planning ahead, raising the bar

For the company owners – chemists through generations – the fields of research, development and application technology have always played a special role. Contributing ideas and planning ahead: As the leader in quality and innovation we undertake pioneering work in many fields – we are often raising the bar with our products and services.

For example with emission-minimised and solvent-free interior paints that are harmless to health – here with Indeko-plus E.L.F. – we were the world's first supplier. Or through the introduction of nano-quartz matrix technology which brought revolutionary improvements in facade paints. With Caparol Sensitiv we launched the first dispersion paint without preservatives onto the market – especially suitable for allergy sufferers. And the Edition Carbon increases the resilience of energy-saving thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), Carbon DarkSide facilitates for the first time even very dark, intensive colours on thermally insulated facades. Our readiness to innovate is also apparent in our services: As one of the first in the field we have been able to offer our market partners in Germany special apps.

Other exemplary products and technologies can be found under the menu item Innovations.