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Edging strips

Flexible. Withstands driving rain. Dependable

For lasting, high functional capability of facade insulation the edging strips play a decisive role within the system components of a thermal insulation composite system. They...

  • ...prevent the ingress of moisture.
  • ...prevent damage
  • ...seal flexibly and permanently
  • ...provide a visually aesthetic termination


Mounted edging strips

High demands made on edging strips

In recent years the demands on the quality and flexibility of edging strips have for various reasons continued to rise:

  • Thicker insulation boards
  • The increasing use of larger window elements extending to the floor
  • The move to windows flush with the masonry as well as windows in the insulation plane.

Intelligent, versatile solutions are needed to respond to these increased requirements.

Individual system solutions

Edging strips from Caparol reliably fulfil the increased requirements. In this respect the range of edging strips covers various influencing variables, such as for example

  • The position and size of the window
  • The lightness value of the facade
  • The relevant insulation thickness
  • The general compensation of movement


Caparol edging strips: Flexible. Withstand driving rain. Reliable.

  • The right edging strip for any requirement
  • Versatile design possibilities – dark colours also possible
  • ETICS joints sealed against driving rain on windows and doors
  • Reliable solutions for crack-free facade designs and differing 
  • levels of movement compensation