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Facts on facade insulation

ETICS safe and efficient

In recent months there have been several negative reports about thermal insulation with external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) throughout the media. In most case, the reports involved content that was not correct and non-verifiable. Issues such as fire protection, efficiency and sustainability were questioned.

In the meantime, there have also been positive reports in the press and on TV. For one, the press is covering scientifically proven, sound knowledge concerning facade insulation and establishing a foundation for objective discussion. On the other hand, the trade associations have recently launched a large-scale, media-wide dialogue campaign "A dialogue for heat" to promote ETICS. 

Late 2012 the federal government initiated a new program for CO2 building renovation for additional financial impetus.

Facade insulation guideline

To objectify these issues, we have created a five-page guideline for you entitled: "Facts on facade insulation or: Stop with all the preconceptions". It deals with the key topics and preconceptions involving ETICS in a brief and concise manner.

Download guideline

We have compiled further information on controversial topics concerning ETICS in the following sections. The title "General" encompasses overarching topics.