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Caparol Ring Tone

The original Caparol elephant sound is here!

Use your genuine Caparol ring tone on your smart phone or mobile phone. You can download the typical elephant sound of the TV spot from here free of charge.


Installation instructions

Click on the link for the required format and save the file on your PC with the function "Save as ..." Then you only have to load the ring tone onto your mobile phone.

Additional information for iPhone user:
Load the M4R file into your iTunes media library. You should now be able to see the ring tone under "Tones" with the title "Caparol_Ringtone_iPhone". Now you only have to synchronise your iPhone with the media library or drag the ring tone onto your iPhone using drag & drop. 

If you cannot see the tab "Tones", you must first activate it. To do this, in the iTunes click on "Edit" "Settings", "General". Give the source "Tones" a tick to be able to view the "Tones" tab.