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Range of services

Design concepts, design tools and training sessions

The services from Caparol's ColorDesignStudio comprise four areas: Architectural colour design, Design tools, New media and design software, Presentations and seminars.

Architectural colour designs

The ColorDesignStudio develops colour and material concepts for facades and interiors. The type and extent of the services depend on the customer's individual requirements. The spectrum extends from colour consultancy on site through to the concept visualisation of whole estates. The objective of the design work is an architecture-related design which goes beyond decorative aspects.

The design process starts with discussions with those involved. Along with the customer's own ideas, the choice of colour and materials is settled in context with the relevant architectonic boundary conditions. Possible material specifications, building typology, building function, the user group and colours in the surroundings are taken into account. A successful design result arises by giving due regard to the listed parameters and having a clear objective.

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Colour Collections

The team develops consultancy aids, which inspire planners, application workers and also customers with colour, providing visual material for all involved, supporting them in achieving a harmonious and appealing colour atmosphere.  Depending on requirements, the design tools are orientated to functions and/or trends. They are developed based on scientific knowledge and practical experience. More on this can be found under the menu items:

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Consultancy tools

Digital Colour

The ColorDesignStudio contributes to the numerous programs from Caparol which support the professional: With self-portrayal in the Internet, with colour conception for the customer and with practical aspects in the office and on the building site. With the SPECTRUM design software, developed in-house, the application worker can, for example, visualise colour and material designs on the monitor – and produce virtual colour designs of real buildings. More on this can be found under the menu items:

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Presentations and seminars

A further service field is the development and implementation of advanced training events on the topic of colour and design. This includes, for example, seminars for creative facade design and for the development of colour concepts as well as training sessions for the SPECTRUM design software. More on this can be found under the menu item: