Colour Research Vol.2

Colour with Style

Can colours represent different styles?

Colours stand for associations such as warm, friendly, discreet, while the design vocabulary of the façade gives us indications of when the building was built. Today's architecture also uses colours, materials and formal elements that stand for terms such as elegant, natural or modern. The different combinations of these elements create different styles.

The colour harmony fan Facade A1 Concept clearly shows three distinctive characteristics. The classic, elegant style is distinguished by a reserved, value-oriented character. It often refers to classical architecture with smooth plasters and finely crafted details. The veiled colours are discreet and represent finesse and elegance.

The natural-rural style refers to familiar, traditional impressions that originate from the landscape or nature. It can represent natural, partly rough or handmade materials. Natural rural colours are often warm and vibrant, showing originality and genuineness.

The modern, functional style originates from classical modernism, shows clear lines and makes unambiguous statements. Innovative materials in combination with clear colours create this style. It can be underlined by strong and pure shades that radiate openness and clarity. You can experiment with the Facade Configurator.