Metallics Everywhere

A Walk through the City

Diverse areas of daily life benefit from the use of metals - in pure form, as alloys, composites or coatings. In constructional and technological terms, metal materials have countless applications - due to their outstanding physical properties.

The surface is special, mostly glossy, reflective, sometimes glittering, often fascinating, almost always attracting attention. This is why metallic shine also has enormous application possibilities for decorative products. There is hardly an industry that does not impress with glossy to dazzling effects.

all photos: Carola Seehausen

Inspired? We also include a wide range of metallic colours and surfaces in our product range. Here are some counterparts to the inspirations from other industries.

You can find metallic colours in the Capadecor Effect Fan.

With ElementEffects you can also combine metallic colours with individual designs.