Work in Progress

Colour Design by Chance

The potential of the remnants

In the ColorDesignStudio, the colour cards that are no longer required are piling up. On the painting palette, the paint residues dry up when the painting is finished. The scrap yard is a collection point for recyclable materials that are awaiting recycling in containers, such as aluminium chips and wine capsules. And at the wash margin on the beach, grain of sand accumulates on grain of sand.

Sometimes, wonderfully exciting and differentiated colour compositions emerge - by pure chance. Can you just dispose the leftovers? They are too good for that, we think!

Remains of the design process: when looking for suitable colours it is important to determine a few or the "right" shade from many hues. All other colours that could be chosen are stacked on the worktable - and often create the most beautiful colour combinations.

Silver in many shades, bottle green, cool red, some rust and - take a close look - an infinite number of colour nuances in between, which merge the colours together. They are split up by light into true colour spectra. 

When the excess paint lumps are removed from the pallet with a spatula for cleaning and arbitrarily applied to a painting surface, very unique small works of art are often created spontaneously. They are particularly attractive because the very thinly applied layers of paint combine to form an indescribably beautiful overall composition with an unexpected depth effect.

Wet sand, viewed through a magnifying glass or a macro lens, opens up a fireworks of colours and shapes! All you have to do is lie down on your stomach on the beach ;-)

Metal screw tops for wine bottles are available in an infinite variety of colours... a fascinating feast for the eyes!


All the selected colours can be found in the Caparol 3D System Plus colour fan: