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Minor refinements—major effect

Once again, our experimentation workshop has surfaces in store for you that, with just a few small refinements, acquire a character all of their own. The perfect choice of colour and colour combination is just as essential for a successful wall or interior design as its feel and texture.

Yet even a small detail, such as the subdivision of a wall area, can make a big difference—even if it is only an optical joint that separates different colour nuances or surface mixes from each other. All of a sudden, such tricks can turn a monotonous standard surface into a sophisticated wall that quite candidly signals ‘Hey, look at me!’. And let me tell you: You will have a look...

Capadecor® Calcino Romantico „Vintage” in 3D Palazzo 115

Fine and smooth, that’s how a mineral lime surfacer can be described. It’s not just the application that is a joy, but also the surface aesthetics of a lime-based smoothing technique. In addition to the unique surface, lime also excels due to its sustainable physical properties.

There are many reasons to focus on Capadecor® Calcino Romantico. The easy-to-process consistency of the material makes it ‘ductile’. The desired structure is worked into the first lime application.

The final second coating fills and smooths the surface. Applying pressure enhances the texture and creates differentiated shades of colour. Calcino Romantico can be used to realise trendy vintage surfaces, as presented for the first time in Trend 2021 with Calcino Romantico „Strandgut“.

The experimental surface Capadecor® Calcino Romantico “Vintage” has a similar look. The texturing and processing of the surface (here horizontally) suggests a surface that has aged gracefully.

Application instructions:

  1. Apply Capadecor® Calcino Romantico in shade 3D Palazzo 115 over the entire surface and texture partial areas with a Maserboy. Allow to flash off for a short time before lightly smoothing the grained areas. Vigorous partial pressing is intended to crack open parts of the surface again.
  2. Apply Capadecor® Calcino Romantico in shade 3D Palazzo 115 on the entire surface and press with a smoothing trowel.

Capadecor® Calcino Romantico „Diamante“

For the “Diamante” variant, glitter pigments are added before the final trowel application. Capadecor® Diamonds refines the surface with a subtle sparkle. The glitter effect is available in three colours: Diamonds Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Application instructions:

  1. Apply Capadecor® Calcino Romantico in 3D Antikweiß with the application technique “Authentico”. Add 2% Capadecor® Diamonds Silver for the final trowel application.
  2. Create a stencil with the desired motif.
  3. Stick on stencil and stipple the motif in shade 3D Jura 50, then remove stencil.

Indeko-plus “Glencheck” is inspired by the Scottish Highlands—a traditional check design reinterpreted and adapted for the wall. The pattern is brought to life by the irregular colour application of the stripes, which almost dissolve in some places.

Application instruction:

  1. Apply an opaque coat of Indeko-plus in 3D Pinie 15.
  2. First mask off vertical, then horizontal stripes and fill in 3D Melisse 35 using only little paint to create a gentle colour gradient. Tip: Apply the material sparingly and rather roll over the surface several times until the desired opacity is achieved.
  3. Proceed as described in Step 2, but mask off thinner lines and coat in shade 3D Lavender 40.

Here is an example of how a wall surface can become an absolute eye-catcher in terms of colour and graphics, illustrated in the form of a triptych: two techniques in compatible colour combinations, visually separated by an arrow-like graphic. The arrangement is variable and plays with different possibilities.

Instructions for
patchy trowel application:

  1. Apply full-surface opaque coat of MultiStruktur Fein in 3D Papaya 65.
  2. Patchy trowel application each using: Metallocryl Interior in 3D Papaya 65 MET DecoGrund in 3D Palazzo 160 Metallocryl Interior in 3D Palazzo 160 MET Metallocryl Interior in 3D Papaya 65 MET.

Application steps
Capadecor® Stucco Satinato „Diamante“:

  1. Apply an opaque coat of Indeko-plus in 3D Papaya 65.
  2. Trowel application in Stucco Satinato in 3D Papaya 65.
  3. Trowel application in Stucco Satinato in 3D Papaya 65 with 2% Diamonds Bronze.
  4. Prongs in Indeko-plus in 3D Velvet 55.

@note: the surfaces marked with the stamp ‘Experimental’ provide information on products and colour shades, but no detailed explanations on the application process. The textures and surfaces have been created in deviation from the processing standard. They are an inspiration that may encourage you to create your own interpretations.

Dipl.-Designerin Sabine Hoffner and master painter Patrick Lamola

are not professional cooks, but have a penchant for new recipes