Capatect Thermozylinder 154

Washer for countersunk mounting of wall anchor Universaldübel 053 into mineral wool insulation board Type WAP zg.

LV Texte

The "Capatect-Thermo Zylinder MW 154" consists of plastic washer (Ø 112 mm) with a cylindrical pit for wall anchor "Capatect-Universaldübel 053" dowels.

Field of Application

Component of the Capatect  ETICS A for countersunk anchor mounting using one of the following boards as insulation board:

  • Capatect-MW-Fassadendämmplatte 149 and 151 EXTRA
  • Capatect-MW-Fassadendämmplatte 119 DUO plus

For general insulation board thickness ≥ 80 mm
To be assembled with "Universaldübel 053"
For number of anchers see also table for anchor washer Ø 90 mm  

Material Properties

  • Replaces Capatect-Dübelscheibe 153/VT90
  • Minimizing anchor shadows shining via countersunk mounting
  • Uniform and flat surface
  • No milling dust
  • Officially approved



Heat conductivity

Chi-value 0,001 W/K

Cross section dimension of disc

112 mm

Supplementary Product

Capatect-Universaldübel 053
Capatect-Universaldübel-Rondelle MW 052/04
Capatect-Universaldübel-Tool Vario 053/02

Product No.


Capatect-Universaldübel 053 must be plugged into the cylindrical pit of the Capatect-Thermozylinder MW 154. A klick indicates the right positioning.
Drill bore hole Ø 8 mm (depth in massive wall ≥ 50 mm, in aerated concrete ≥ 90 mm). Remove stone dust from the bore hole. Place the assembled wall anchor into the hole.The dendrites are to be pressed into the mineral wool until the pit is placed flush with the board surface.
Use a standard drill, equipped with an extra long Bit Torx T30, to fasten the anchor until the washer is placed flush to the board surface

Finally the Capatect-Universaldübel-Rondelle MW is used to close the cylindrical pit.

Alternatively use the pole of the "Capatect-Universaldübel-Tool Vario 053/02" without stopper plate, equipped with a Bit Torx T30.

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Technical information