Capatect Universaldübel 053

Washer anchor dowel for fastening insulation boards within Capatect ETICS A and B; European and German approvals
LV Texte


Capatect-Universaldübel 053 consists of the anchor shank and the washer plate.
shank Ø 8 mm, with pre-assembled, galvanized double thread screw. washer  Ø 60 mm.
The washer can either be arranged flush with the surface of insulation boards or be arranged sunk in compressible insulation boards.

Heat loss value Χ ("Chi"):

  • Installated flush with the surface and screw covered with PS plug: Χ = 0.002 [ W/K ].
  • Installed countersunk and disc covered with corresponding type of Capatect-Universaldübel-Rondelle: Χ = 0.001 [ W/K ].


  • Safe anchorage and mounting control in most common wall building materials
  • Time-saving, dust free application without milling cutter



carbon grey / anthracite