Capatect Gewebe 666

Reinforcing glass fiber mesh for the Caparol basic plaster

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Field of Application

Unstretchable glass fiber fabric as reinforcer of Caparol basic plaster and Capatect reinforcement mortars on solid mineral based substrates and within Capatect ETICS A and B:
Capatect Klebe-und Armierungsmasse 133 Leicht
Capatect Klebe-und Armierungsmasse 131 SL

Material Properties

  • Unstretchable
  • High tensile strength
  • Free of plasticizer
  • Alkaline-resistant
  • Mesh width 6 x 6 mm
  • Edge cut

Packaging/Package Size

Roll with 50 m fabric, width 1.10 m; in total 55 m2 






Organic coating

Initial tear strength

≥ 1750 N  per 5 cm wide strip in warp and weft

Area-related mass

160 g/m2 ± 5 % as per DIN 53854

Loss of tensile strength after storage in alkali

< 50 % (after 28 days in NaOH 5 % or 24 hours in hot alkaline water solution at 60 °C and pH 12.5)

Product No.






per m2: 1.1 m plus offcuts


Caparol basic plaster:
For corners at building openings etc. embed diagonal reinforcement first.
Apply the base coat mortar, peel off, and embed the Capatect Gewebe 666/110 with an overlap of 10 cm in the upper third of the flush-mounted mortar. 20 cm overlap to adjacent building elements. Subsequently, apply mortar to the necessary total layer thickness.

Sound and solid mineral plaster surfaces and Capatect ETICS A and B:
For corners at building openings etc. embed diagonal reinforcement first. 
Apply the reinforcing mortar in the width of the fabric to the substrate over the entire fabric length in about 2/3 of the desired layer thickness. Place the Capatect Gewebe 666/110 and press in wrinkle-free.
Overlap the adjacent strips 10 cm. Subsequently apply the reinforcing mortar wet in wet to achiev full coverage of the fabric.
The thickness of the base coat layer is determined by the  used reinforcing mortar. The fabric embedding must be carried out in the upper third of the base coat.

Please Note (Status as at Date of Publication)

For safety instructions, please refer to the Technical Information of the base coat mortar in use.


Dispose of material residues according to EWC 101103 (old glass fiber materials) or according to EWC 170904 (mixed construction and demolition waste).



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