Capatect Gerüstankerstopfen 676

Locking plug for scaffold anchor hole in ETICS
made of PUR soft foam with plastic cap.

LV Texte

Field of Application

Durable and driving rain proof closure of scaffold anchor holes up to 17 mm Ø in ETICS.

Material Properties

  • Closure stopper made of fine-pored PUR soft foam
  • Solid polyethylene core for stabilization
  • Recoatable, textured plastic cap
  • Surface structure similar to render
  • Driving rain proof as per DIN EN 1027 up to a pressure of 1200 Pa
  • UV and ozone resistant

Packaging/Package Size

Carton containing 25 elements


Body: grey; cap: white


Dry; storable for approx. 24 months

Temperature resistance

-40 °C to +120 °C

Supplementary Product

Capatect Gerüstanker-Stopfen Fräser 676/01 (milling cutter)

Product No.


Application Conditions

Processing temperature: +5 °C to +30 °C for element, substate and ambient air during application and curing of the sealing adhesive.
Germany: See comment ATV DIN 18345 point 3.1.3 concerning unsuitable climatic conditions.


  • Insert the milling cutter 676/01 into the scaffold anchor hole, push on and drill to achiev a circular flat hole of approx. 3 to 4 mm depth.
  • Eliminate loose parts and dust. If necessary, fill cavities around the scaffolding anchor hole with suitable insulation material.
  • Apply a sealing adhesive - for example Disbothan 235 PU-Fugendicht - thinly and circularly to the milled surface.
  • Compress the impregnated soft foam of the scaffold anchor plug down to less than 12 mm diameter by rolling and kneading.
  • Plug the compressed scaffold anchor into the scaffold anchor hole slightly flush with the render surface.
  • Remove squeezing waste of adhesive from the circular joint while taking care to close the entire joint.
  • After expansion of the PUR core and adequate curing of the sealant adhesive, coat the scaffold anchor plug with the appropriate facade paint.
  • The final result is a surface with a render-like structure.

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