Histolith Marmorspachtel

Fine filler for interior plasters and plasterboards.

LV Texte

Field of Application

For fine filler application on interior plaster coatings (full surfaces and partial repairs). Also suitable for use on concrete and for surfacing of plasterboards. Furthermore applicable to smoothen surfaces of textured plasters and glass fibre fabrics.

Material Properties

  • Smooth surface.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Good filling properties.
  • Excellently spreadable (nearly to 0 mm).
  • Highly water vapour permeable, sd-value at approx. 1 mm layer thickness: 0.03 m
  • Solvent-free.
  • pH value: approx. 8.5

Material Base / Vehicle

Mineral components (marble & dolomite meal) with organic content < 3 %

Packaging/Package Size

25 kg


Natural white.

Colour deviations may occur due to the use of natural fillers. Tintable to a max. of 5 % with Histolith® Volltonfarben SI (colourants). The product is deliverable in pastel tints ex factory, on request.

Gloss Level



Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.

Suitability according to Technical Information No. 606 Definition of Application Areas

Interior 1Interior 2Interior 3Exterior 1Exterior 2
(–) inapplicable / (○) of limited suitability / (+) suitable

Suitable Substrates

The substrate must be sound/stable, dry, clean, and free from all substances that may prevent good adhesion. In Germany: Follow VOB, part C, DIN 18 363, section 3.

Substrate Preparation

Existing Plasters in Mortar Groups/Classes PI (Lime Plasters), PII (Lime-Cement Mortars) and PIII (Cement Mortars):
Carefully clean the surface. Remove all layers/coatings of low adherence. Strengthen the surface of sanding plasters with Histolith® Sol-Silikat-Fixativ.

Sound Existing Coats of Paint:
Carefully clean the surface.

Gypsum Plasterboards (Sandwich-Type Plaster Boards / Drywalls:)
Histolith® Marmorspachtel is applicable to strengthen joints of plasterboards with bevelled edges, when combined with a customary joint reinforcement stripe. Apply the product into the joint. Insert the reinforcement stripe, press on and cover with Histolith® Marmorspachtel.
Previously fill joints with a width of more than 3 mm, but keep in mind that joints should only be filled, when any length variation due to temperature and humidity/moisture stress is excluded.
(In Germany: See DIN 18 181, section 5)

Gypsum Plasters in Mortar Group/Class PIV
(Gypsum Mortar and Ready-Mixed Gypsum Plaster):
Strengthen soft gypsum plasters with Histolith® Sol-Silikat-Fixativ.

Existing Glass Fibre Wall Coverings:
Carefully rinse the surface with clean water.

Preparation of Material

Carefully stir up the product before applying.

Method of Application

Apply the filler with stainless steel trowel and smoothen immediately. Allow to dry, then pre-wet the surface and treat with a felt float or sand the fully dry surface.
The product is applicable using spraying method, when adjusted to spraying consistency (diluted to a max. of 5 % with tap/potable water).
Suitable Spraying Equipment:
Plaster conveyer or powerful airless equipment.
When airless guns are used, all filters must be removed.
Nozzle size: 0.035” - 0.043”
Pressure: approx. 150 - 180 bar.
Spray guns with a higher discharge, recommended by the respective manufacturer, can be used as airless guns for an easier filler/surfacer application.
For optimised application conditions a minimum product temperature limit of +10 °C is required.

Surface Coating System

Histolith® Marmorspachtel can be coated with all Histolith® interior paints.
Priming with Histolith® Silikat-Fixativ or Histolith® Sol-Silikat-Fixativ is advisable.


Approx. 1.6 kg/m2 per mm of layer thickness.

Application Conditions

Lower Temperature Limit for Application and Drying/Curing:
+5 °C for substrate and ambient air.

Drying/Drying Time

Dries in approx. 12 - 48 hours, depending on temperature and humidity (air moisture/RH).

Tool Cleaning

Clean tools/equipment immediately after use with water.


Do not apply in interior areas with a high moisture content (wet rooms / damp locations).
Fine air cells/pockets may occur, when the filler is applied on compact substrates with low absorbency. In that case allow a short flash-off time, then smoothen the surface with the product again to remove blistering. 
When applying on gypsum containing fillers/surfacers a long-lasting exposure to moisture may cause swelling, forming of air pockets or spalling, hence ensure for quick drying, proper ventilation and temperature.
In Germany: Follow Data Sheet No. 12 "Filling Plasterboards” of the German Association of the Gypsum and Plasterboard Industry. If necessary, apply a primer with Histolith® Silikat-Fixativ or Histolith® Sol-Silikat-Fixativ.
On coarse, roughly textured substrates it may be necessary to repeat the surfacing procedure to achieve a smooth, even surface.

Special Risks (Hazard Note) / Safety Advice (Status as at Date of Publication)

Warning! May cause an allergic skin reaction. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Keep out of reach of children. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Wear protective gloves/ eye protection. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. Contains: 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one, 2-methylisothiazol-3(2H)-one.


Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local, regional, national and international authorities.

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