Spectrum express
Spectrum express


Web-based design of buildings with colours and materials

Creating designs online free of charge? Here comes SPECTRUM_express, your online companion for the intuitive and instant design of your own photos and sample images with colours and materials.

At a glance

  • Design your pictures with colour
  • Templates for house façades & sample rooms
  • Edit your own photos
  • Manage your own projects
  • Share your projects

Design your photos!

How does it work? Simply upload your photo and start designing façades or interiors with just a few clicks. With the help of the practical colour controller, you can navigate through colour collections and then apply your favourite colours to the building.

Choose your surface finish!

It is not only colour shades that create a unique atmosphere but also surfaces. SPECTRUM_express offers you a wide selection of finishes. How about Capadecor® Metallocryl Interior in a sparkling gold look, for example? Or do you prefer a decorative cladding with Original Meldorfer® flat facing bricks?

Your design in good hands!

Do you don’t have much time—no problem! With the PHOTOservice, you can have your own photos professionally processed. Simply upload your photo, specify up to five building components such as plinth or façade and then purchase a ticket in the Caparol Shop. The PRINTservice is also new: Here you can have your SPECTRUM design printed out in true colour.