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The new Caparol primer system

For intensive and brilliant colours

The new Caparol primer system consists of specially developed primer system colours. They have a high proportion of titanium dioxide and therefore achieve extensive coverage of the substrate. Furthermore, the primer system colours are already tinted towards the colour of the intensive colour. This ensures that the undercoat and finishing coat in the desired colour together with the primer system colour achieve the best matching with the colour card. Enamels and paints in brilliant violet, yellow, orange and red colours also cover in this way.

ColorExpress tinting stations: Automatic allocation

When the colour of the desired finishing coat exhibits a high proportion of organic yellow and red pigments, the ColorExpress dosing system automatically allocates the suitable primer system colour. This allocation occurs for all current colour collections and extends from RAL, NCS through all the Caparol collections to the collections of numerous paint manufacturers.

The primer system colours are indicated also for critical colours in the  ColorExpress Price-Group Book 

For enamels, interior and exterior paints

Primer system colours are available for all solvent-based and water-thinnable enamels from Caparol as well as the associated primers, first coats and undercoats. The user has the choice of whether he wants to implement the coating structure as enamel-on-enamel or with a technically necessary primer, a first coat or an undercoat in the primer system colour.

The same applies to interior paints. Here too, depending on the substrate situation, there is the possibility of proceeding first with a primer or with the interior paint in the primer system colour before the undercoat and finishing coat of the interior paint is applied in the desired final colour.

With facade paints the Caparol primer system is also available so that, also on the facade, red, orange and yellow colours cover the substrate with the optimum colour brilliance. The system functions as for enamels and interior paints. The overview with all available enamels, interior and facade paints can be downloaded from here as a PDF:

Overview of Caparol primer system