A Day in Blue

Intensive blue – the Colour in Focus

I easily stroll through the office: today everyone is kind of blue - intensive blue. Whoever thinks that I describe a state of mind caused by a certain drug is definitely wrong. Something must have caused about half of my colleagues to stand in front of the wardrobe and choose blue - but maybe I just happen to notice blue in particular today.

So there I stand and see blue jeans, turquoise-blue shirts and dresses, blue-and-white striped shirts and blue prints. And I wonder: where else will I find intense blue? I took this as an opportunity to walk through the city with my eyes open. Always looking for intense blue. And I made many finds: on road signs, on garbage bins, church tower clocks, in flowers or cosmetics.

However, this is not the only reason why we choose intensive blue as the colour in focus. Blue is THE favourite colour par excellence – worldwide. In the Middle Ages, bright blue clothing symbolized the high social status of its wearer. In the 13th century, the coats of French kings were blue, and "royal blue" is still a popular colour today. "Blue jeans" are dyed again with the formerly very expensive dye indigo, as this is the best way to create the washed-out jeans look. And there's more: people dressed in blue are said to look serious and trustworthy. Banks in particular seem to like to use a blue logo. Depending on the nuance, blue symbolises trust, loyalty, longing or distance, but also the masculine, harmony or friendship. The special attraction of blue seems to be omnipresent.

In this inspirational issue, we therefore deal with the blue of the horizon, intense blue shades and take a look at blue wall surfaces, but also with what can be combined particularly well with blue, with intensive blue buildings and the blue of our promoted team Darmstadt 98. Inspired? Come and BLUE with us.

You can find many beautiful shades of blue for the wall in the 3D System PLUS or in the CaparolColor fan.