The Blue Hour


The blue hour is considered the perfect time of day for taking photographs. The term refers to the short period of time when the sun rises and disappears on the horizon. Due to the low position of the sun and the associated scattering of light, the blue hour is particularly interesting for photographers: the soft light reveals itself as the golden time of day (therefore also called the golden hour) for taking photographs.

However, the blue hour is not an hour at all, because dawn and dusk - depending on the time of year and location - each only lasts about 20-40 minutes. The duration depends on the location on Earth. The differences are astonishing depending on where you are, whether in Europe or at the North Cape. At the equator, this time span is extremely short. At the summer solstice (around 21th June), it lasts up to 50 minutes in Central Europe, and the more we move towards the Poles, the longer is the duration.

One night in blue

The organizers of the Darmstadt Art Nouveau Days also chose the colour blue for their highlight of this year's Illumination Festival. Numerous lanterns and lampions and the illuminated buildings immersed the Mathildenhöhe in a sea of blue lights and created an impressive atmosphere.

Beautiful blue façades can not only be achieved at night. We show you how your façades can be perfectly staged in blue