Blue Planet

From below and from above - We see blue

Unlike all the other planets in our solar system, the Earth appears as a blue sphere. And from down here, we look up into a blue sky. In a nutshell: The reason for this is the scattering and absorption of light. Sunlight consists of electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths - from long-wave red light to orange, yellow, short-wave violet and blue light. The gas molecules in the atmosphere scatter these light waves differently. During the day, when the sun is high, the blue short-wave light is scattered the most, so we see the sky in blue.

On their way through the water, the water molecules filter out certain wavelengths from the colour spectrum of light to such an extent that only the blue light components are scattered, resulting in a blue colouring. And since the earth's surface consists of about 70% water - it looks rather blue when viewed from above.

Here, attention should be paid to the moments when the blue of the sky and the water come together. This is exactly where an infinite number of beautiful combinations of blue emerge, captured in numerous holiday pictures…