Dive into the Blue!

Designing with intensive blue

Blue on the façade?? Isn't that borderline? Much too cold?

Using blue outdoors is often viewed critically. But honestly, isn't blue particularly interesting because of the divided opinions? Blue façades are rare. Blue is not a colour that has a relationship to typical building materials. This is probably the reason why blue is considered difficult, especially on the façade.

But: a blue house stands out. It looks unconventional and self-confident, not screamingly loud like a red one. If you paint your house blue, you do it out of conviction. Blue homeowners have courage, and that's what it takes to dive into the blue…;)

Here are a few beautiful examples of intense blue on the façade for you. 

Excursion into the past

Historical blue façades are also rare. Blue pigments used to be very expensive and not always lightfast. Blue pigments, for example, were obtained from lapis lazuli. Therefore, they were only used for particularly valuable surfaces, for example on sacral buildings - and even there only for highlights.

Today, however, blue is feasible and affordable even in intensive nuances. Thus, there are many more design options with a wide variety of blue nuances. So, maybe just turn blue!

More about the Blue House of photo designer Cornelia Suhan

You can find intensive, highly lightfast shades of blue for the facade in the Facade A1 fan.