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Fassade A1: 500 Premium-Farbtöne für die Fassade

Facade A1

500 premium colours for the facade

The new colour fan, Facade A1, is an extract from the 3D-System plus collection. It contains 500 colours orientated to facades and architecture for the Caparol premium facade paints with nano-quartz matrix technology:

All colours in nano-quartz matrix technology fulfil BFS (Federal Commission for Paint & Property Protection) Class 1 – they therefore offer the highest reliability in terms of colour and light-fastness.

Monochrome intermediate leaves in the colour fan simplify finding the desired colour ranges.

Fassade A1: Farbfächer mit 500 fassaden- und architekturbezogenen Farbtönen

Hier finden Sie einen Überblick über alle Farbtöne des Fächers.