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Living space

Colour concepts for wellbeing, orientation, stimulation

ogether with the floor-covering manufacturer, Forbo, the Caparol ColorDesignStudio has developed homely coloured material concepts specially for the elderly. Based primarily on practical experience in the care of the aged and on scientific knowledge, colour combinations have been produced which take into account the changed perception of people with limited sight and/or dementia conditions. Five balanced colour worlds, inspired by sentiments in nature, convey homeliness, stimulus and orientation. In this way routine capabilities can be retained longer, independence and wellbeing promoted and the care routine alleviated.

The design suggestions and colour concepts are intended for:

    • Retirement homes, care homes and establishments which want to match the design of their buildings to the needs of people with sight restrictions and cognitive variations.
    • The housing industry, which would like to consider visual barrier-free aspects, in order to adjust to an ageing clientèle.
    • Private house or apartment owners seeking inspiration for restructuring in order to remain independent in their own premises as long as possible.

The colour fan offers colour/material combinations for practical, holistic designs. The colour concepts, each with three homely colour combinations, take into account the different atmospheres of various areas of use. Each concept contains wall and accent colours and includes floor coverings and wood surfaces. The fan is supplemented by a brochure which contains important background information and displays the colour concepts in room examples.

The use of design aids offers:

    • Design confidence based on science and expert experience
    • Freedom from trend-related colours
    • Reliability in implementation due to cross-trade concepts