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Historical colours for the care of architectural heritage

The Histolith colour card system is the result of co-operation between Caparol and state heritage offices, restorers and municipal monument authorities.   

With over 360 partially historical architectural colours, it is the optimum design aid for specialists in architectural heritage and old-building restoration – it brings together architectural styles and the predominating colours. 

The colours originate from light-fast, mineral pigments. The colour cards are based on chromatic findings in restoration which have been taken from selected historical buildings and integrated into the colour fan. 

The colours are arranged in:

    • 10 full colours
    • 20 white shades
    • 49 pigment series, each beginning with a fully tinted colour and followed with up to ten brightness levels.

The colour names were selected with reference to historical pigment designations and material names. They are located on the relevant reverse side, together with the lightness value, metric LCH values, mixability in various binder systems and details of the reference building. 

The Histolith colour cards are available in a colour fan block or as a colour folder. Both versions contain exactly the same information about the colour and the origin.

Histolith Colour Fan

For the daily work on the building – in the practical format of 21 cm x 5 cm with a maximum of two colours on one strip.