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Colour harmonies for facades

The new Facade A1 CONCEPT design fan facilitates reliable colour design of the facade – it contains 63 practical colour concepts with matching, light-fast colours. The collection is divided into three harmony groups, each presenting a style:

    • Classical elegant – with veiled, subdued colour combinations
    • Natural rural – with warm, partially powerful colour combinations
    • Modern functional – with strong and pure colour combinations

    Each of the three groups in the fan display 21 colour harmonies, each of which consists of five colours and are allocated to the various facade components:

    • Principal colour for the main area of the facade
    • Colour for the facade area to be emphasised, such as bays, extensions or protrusions
    • Colour for the plinth
    • Secondary colour for profiles, cornices or pillars
    • Accent colour for components such as doors, windows

    Reliable choice, reliable quality

    Apart from the accent colours, all the colours originate from the Facade A1 colour fan. They offer the highest reliability in terms of colour stability and are therefore excellently suitable for the colour design of facades.

    The Facade A1 CONCEPT design fan presents a wide variety of possibilities, supplies new ideas and simplifies colour decisions. An ideal design tool for planners, application workers and house owners.

    Plus: Suggestions for colour designs with Facade A1 CONCEPT can also be visualised on-line – the facade configurator makes this possible: Home Designer