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Colour harmonies for facades

Have you ever wondered why colours can represent certain styles?

Questions for Eva Helterhoff, colour designer ColourDesignStudio

1. Is there something special about this fan?

The Facade A1 CONCEPT fan actually does have something very unique, namely the classification of the harmonies into three common home styles: "Classic elegant", "Natural rural" or "Modern sober". These styles and their typical colours support you in the selection of the proper colour concept.

2. How does the consulting process work with the harmony fan?

First a limiting selection is made: what fits in best with the style of the facade, the environment and, of course, the user. The city dweller living in dense urban canyons needs something different than a person living in the countryside in a quaint little village. Depending on the specific style one chooses, there are 21 finely coordinated colour combinations available. They start out with the area of main colours through the entire spectrum: from red to yellow to green to blue, in different degrees of saturation and brightness. So there is something for everyone.

It is important to initially see the colour harmonies as a foundation – and, of course, predefined colours can be supplemented, such as the colours of existing shutters, or replaced.

3. Is the Facade A1 CONCEPT fan also available in digital format?

Those who want to be sure that they have made the right choice of colour can attain further certainty by using SPECTRUM_express as well as the facade configurator. There, the colours are transferred automatically to the facade. With the "dice function" the colours are distributed randomly – which also provided additional inspiration for new design approaches.

My tip: Simply try it out.