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Facade A1

500 premium colours for the facade

Have you ever wondered which colours are suitable for facade end design?

A question for Carmen Rubinacci, Team Manager ColourDesgin Object ColourDesignStudio:

There are two aspects here:

The optical and the aesthetical:

For facades, generally somewhat greyed, natural looking nuances are chosen. The pleasantly adapt to the environment. Of course, bright colours can be used to create accents.
In our introduction to the 3D-System Plus fan, we already discussed the effect of colours on facades: Outside, colours always appear lighter and more vivid than inside.

A further technical aspect involves the technical side:

The lightfastness of colours on the facade is very important, because after all, who wants to paints their facade every three years? The Facade A1 fan contains specially selected colours that are particularly stable and contain lightfast pigments and binding agents. They are mineral based and inorganic, which gives them a particularly natural look.