Colour Research Vol.1

Tracking Down the Colour DNA

The colour scouts from the Caparol ColorDesignStudio explore Europe's typical regional colours

What is the situation regarding the colour climate in the individual European regions? Because the continent, despite harmonisation efforts and globalisation phenomena, presents a pleasantly differentiated colour culture based on regional traditions, geological conditions or climatic peculiarities, comprehensive studies are only possible with great effort. And so great plans are usually not implemented.

The Caparol colour scouts find an elephant anywhere…. 

The Caparol ColorDesignStudio is in the middle of a search-find-documentation-interpretation project that focuses on snapshots of Europe's colour world. "Colour Research" is the name of this project, which leads the colour experts from Ober-Ramstadt to neighbouring countries. France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden were already on the itinerary, others will follow. The procedure is always the same: First, the colleagues from the individual national companies use their experience to research what they consider to be typical colourfulness. With this preliminary information, the experts from the Caparol ColorDesignStudio themselves go in search of corresponding colours. The focus is primarily on facades, but the list also includes a look at the colour combinations of interiors.

The incidence of light plays a major role when the colours are "matched".

From Sample to Colour Impulse

Of course, this research can only be done on a random basis and cannot zoom into the finest facets of the colour cultures - but it does provide exciting insights with which the countries can be distinguished. A feeling for typical objects and colours quickly develops. It is not just about the exact matching of individual colour nuances - equally important are insights into the treatment of surfaces and highlights, contrasts, colour intensities and colour combinations. And these differ considerably from country to country - and time and again, colour cultures can be identified that are crossing national borders.

The objective of the country studies? Of course it's about seeing how our neighbours live colour. However, the aim is to sharpen the eye for new colour impulses, trends and needs and to enhance the daily consulting work of the ColorDesignStudio.

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