Colour Research Vol.1

The Lacquer's Sheen

Varnish Colours in Europe

In the Netherlands, a varnish cannot be glossy enough, whereas not only here in Germany, they can also be quite matt at times. In Europe, varnish is preferred in various variants.

Technically speaking, varnishes are nothing more than protective layers that protect the substrate, the building material and the substructure against external influences. This means rain and snow, UV radiation, harmful substances or abrasive loads. Of course, this is only one aspect of varnish. At least as important is the decorative property, which is expressed in colour, gloss level and structure. And as we all know, preferences differ - even at the European level. That's why Caparol's ColorDesignStudio set out on a journey and took a closer look at the typical regional use of varnish colours.

The Dutch Love Gloss

The findings are partly astonishing, partly they confirm observations. It is particularly interesting that in the Netherlands almost exclusively high-gloss varnish types are in demand. In Belgium, there is already a tendency towards silky gloss varnishes. In Germany, silk-matt is regarded as the standard with a tendency towards a dull matt surface.

In Sweden, too, people are more reticent about highlights, love white and use a contrasting colour for the front door at most. There is a good reason for this restraint, because our Scandinavian neighbours preferably paint all of their timber houses, mostly using the classic Falun red or blue-grey, ochre-yellow, grey-green or anthracite. Important: The entire colour composition must be harmonious.

Meanwhile, grey, anthracite, white, deep red, and green shades belong to the European standards - the classics appear in every region, of course in varying forms.

Caparol ColorDesignStudio started this project about three years ago to explore the current colour cultures in European countries. The findings are immediately incorporated into practice: for example, in the new "LackChamp" colour fan, whose colour selection is based on European preferences and includes RAL, pearlescent and DB colours. Background information on gloss levels or flow marking in accordance with standards round off the fan.