Colour Research Vol.1

Sensual Experience of Belgian Chocolate

Insight into the design of a typical Belgian chocolate shop

"The chocolate experience" is emblazoned under the name. Boon in Hasselt makes Belgian chocolate an experience. Here, chocolate is not simply sold - here, chocolate is enjoyed with all the senses. When you enter the shop with a café, you will be enveloped by an interior design with a chocolate feel. 

Right at the entrance, the classical building already stages the view to the production of the small delicacies through large glass walls. Finest chocolates with oriental scents and flavours are presented here. 

The interior design takes up the chocolate and praline colours in different shades of brown and cream: white painted wooden ceilings with golden stucco decorations accompany the entire shop. In the small sales room, the white stucco ceiling elements are arranged vertically downwards. The elements look exquisite and adorn the rather subdued environment. The walls between the elements are painted black. An oak floor frames the room from below.

The walls of the adjoining lounge are panelled with walnut wood up to half height, the wall area above is painted dark grey. The filigree leather chairs and the large ceiling lamps with a cream-coloured print add further chocolate nuances to the room. Dark brown carpet gives the lounge a comfortable feel. The various chocolate shades combine to create a harmonious, cosy atmosphere.

On the white marble counter, the chocolate figures are treated like exhibits. Glass domes protect the figures and give each one the presence of an expensive piece of jewellery. Here you sit and enjoy chocolate with all your senses.

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How do you create this chocolate feeling in a room? We tried it out:

Combine different chocolate hues from the same brightness range. Thus the shades create a harmonious overall picture.
Create dark emphasises by means of individual walls and add bright highlights with the accessories.

Express the creamy chocolate feeling on the wall with Stucco Satinato.

PremiumColor brings intense, dark chocolate nuances to your wall.