Colour Research Vol.1

Raspberry Pink, Lemon Yellow & Pistachio Green

French delicacies in fine shades

They are regarded as exclusive trendy biscuits. This is probably because they are not easy to make. We are talking about a French meringue pastry made from almond flour with a butter cream filling: macarons. 

In fine, often pastel colours, each one is a gem. Individually created according to taste, you can already sense the later culinary delight from the colour of the biscuits. Red for cherry, brown for chocolate, soft green for pistachio. As is well known, you eat with your eyes first. And although the baked goods are rather expensive at just under two euros per piece, almost everyone can afford a piece of this luxury. Luxury, because the macarons are carefully wrapped in delicate tissue paper and packed in fine cardboard boxes. The few exclusive shops that manage to produce these biscuits to perfection are literally overrun with visitors. Macarons are a popular souvenir and symbol for a piece of the French way of life. Every year, there are new exclusive "taste collections". These are limited and adjusted according to the seasons. From gingerbread and violets to coconut or tailor-made creations for special customers. 

However, how is the touch of exclusivity and lightness of these French specialities / patisserie transferred to a room? We have selected the typical macaron shades for you. Raspberry pink, lemon yellow and pistachio green for special customers: our macaron colour collection.