Colour Research Vol.1

Would you like a taste?

Fillers with and without calories

What distinguishes good putties? Naturally selected ingredients and their professional processing. It hardly matters whether it is Belgian quality chocolate or the velvety matt elegance of a Stucco Satinato surface from Caparol. A feast for the palate or the eyes, no matter, both stimulate the senses and tempt you to taste them. Let us seduce you…

What chocolate is for the Belgian palate, mud shades are for Belgian living rooms. Warm shades of grey or greyed brown nuances of medium and low brightness dominate the interiors. A small selection of these veiled shades shows the appeal they develop when they are perfectly combined and staged.

Material and colour combinations of brick, high-gloss varnished elements and wall surfaces in matt clay shades are just as typical of Belgian home design as waffles or moules et frites in the culinary sector. Get an appetite and enjoy filling. Guaranteed without calories.