Actually, what's the colour of... a copper roof?

On the colour diversity of copper

Copper, Latin: cuprum, is a chemical element and belongs to the group of semi-precious metals. The name is derived from aes cyprium - which means "ore from the Island of Cyprus". Copper was extracted here in ancient times.

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The metal is relatively soft, which makes it tough and easy to shape. It is also a very good conductor of heat and electricity. Copper not only has a long service life, but is also highly weather-resistant. The formation of moss on a copper surface is also visibly reduced. It is also easy to clean and restore.

It is no surprise that a copper roof is one of the more expensive options for covering a roof. And yet it is still very popular today. If the focus is on positive product properties and especially the appearance, copper is the suitable choice.

The patina that forms on copper over time also changes the colour of the material. In its original state, copper has a warm, reddish shimmering appearance. The material is very smooth. After being exposed to the air for a while, the warm copper tone turns into a dark brown. The characteristic green patina develops over time with a matt look. So how many nuances does a copper roof have?

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