Three-dimensionality Masterfully Staged

ElementEffects meets Metallocryl Interior

How do you make the most of a glass fabric with a quartz coating?

Capaver ElementEffects is the new series of high-quality and hard-wearing design wall coverings. The choice of surfaces ranges from full-area structures (e.g. "Pixel" design) to organic patterns (e.g. "Universe" design) to distinctly linear structures (e.g. "Matrix" design).

Properly staged, the fine structures appear as if engraved and lend the wall an exciting touch. Especially the play with light and shadow is of great importance for these surfaces. The combination of quartz and fine glass fabric creates elegant matt/glossy effects.

The exquisite effect of ElementEffects can be further enhanced by using metallic colours such as Capadecor Metallocryl Interior. Despite the opaque coating, the three-dimensionality of the surface is retained - and the metallic coating brings this special shine to the wall and makes the surface a real eye-catcher in any room.

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