Golden Days for Design

Shimmering surfaces make rooms shine

Metal in interiors is a trend. It is therefore hardly surprising that metallic colours and surfaces are increasingly finding their way into everyday buildings, giving them that certain something. CapaGold, CapaSilber and Co. are no longer reserved for trendy shops and prestigious buildings. Even in unexpected places, metallic surfaces can add highlights. We show you three examples where gold makes the room shine.

Sensuous change through colour and light

Community hall under a golden sky

The congregation is amazed. What architect Stefan Ringwald achieved in the old community hall borders on a miracle.

He approached the pragmatic rooms in brown and beige shades from the 1970s with a large array of colours, materials and modern technology. The impressive new lighting with its golden and silver glazed ceiling areas emits an almost sacred-looking soft light into the room. The Caparol colour designer contrasted the existing beige-brown ceramic floor with cool mint and emerald green shades. Green, gold, beige, mint, yellow, silver - an unusual colour concept. A rescue for the community and its multifunctional room. The play of colours and the alternation of smooth and textured, matt and shiny surfaces create a space for all the senses.

"Before" photographs: architectural practice Stefan Ringwald
"After" photographs: Caparol

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Staging of a wine bar

Golden Vintage

Staging of a wine bar

The Par Terre Vinotheque in Landau presents top wines in a golden pantheon. Berlin-based fashion designer Michael Michalsky developed the conversion concept for this showroom. In search of a slightly iridescent gold surface with a subtle patina in a classic gold nuance, he found what he was looking for at Caparol.

The vault, highlight of the showroom, was designed with Capadecor Metallocryl Interior in the colour Palazzo 215 MET using a very special application process. The perfect setting for perfect wines.

More about the interior design of the Par Terre Vinotheque can be found here.

All golden things come from above

Bar in Mannheim makes gold a highlight

Some people describe it as the most beautiful bar in Mannheim. Speicher 7, a stylish location with an extraordinary flair. Not least thanks to the matt black concrete walls combined with a high-gloss gold-metallic ceiling, finished with Capadecor Metallocryl Interior. If you look up in the air while chilling here, you will see a golden miracle…

More about the interior design of the Speicher 7 Bar can be found here.