Setting the Tone: Here Are the Current Caparol Colour Worlds!

It going to be natural, pastel and exceptional...

If you look at the 28 trend colours, you first feel one thing: quiet. And then they come, the exciting moments...

At first glance, the colour world appears subdued, quiet, harmonious - above all natural. Earth shades characterise the picture in many facets. We discover terracotta, reeds and khaki. Sometimes tender, sometimes stronger, sometimes dusty, sometimes clear. With a light colouring, however, pastel shades add weight to the spectrum. Yellow, mint, apricot, and reed arouse the desire for new colours. Mustard and anthracite add an exciting touch. And blue! The most popular of all colours inspires with both depth and lightness: from clear night blue to fresh water hues. Red is also catching the viewer's eye in a charming way: covered in powder, with different nuances. What is the character behind it? Brick or sorbet red? It depends on the combination! A central criterion for the design. With Caparol's competence we show you how to succeed.
Here you can download our trend colours slide show.

Farbwelt 1: Terra, Blau & Khaki
Farbwelt 2: Mint, Gelb und Apricot
Farbwelt 3: Cognac, Blau und Gelb
Farbwelt 4: Rot & Schilf