Trendy Retro Look in the Forest of Odes Apartment

A small, fine apartment in the countryside. Daniela Volk lives here in the tranquil Forest of Odes. Animals are her life - and her father's painting business, which the family runs in the third generation. That's why there's no fooling her when it comes to colour. A great opportunity for the Caparol ColorDesignStudio to jointly design a house in the idyllic town of Rohrbach...

From the Idea…

A narrow staircase leads up to the living area. Open and angled at the same time, the kitchen, living room and dining area are connected with one another. Only the exposed timberwork separates them. Another staircase leads to the sleeping area underneath the roof. The apartment's open architecture is a challenge for a consistent colour concept. The roof beams in 3D Granit 30, the oak floor, as well as the window and door profiles in anthracite create the setting for the new colour scheme.

After a conversation with Sybille Abel from Caparol ColorDesignStudio it is clear: the basis is Colour World 2 of the Caparol Trend Colours 2017 - Pastel shades in the style of the 1950s, combined with dark blue. Green is Daniela Volk's favourite colour, so a delicate mint will be the main colour of the apartment in the future, connecting all areas. Fine nuances will complement the mint hue and conjure up a modern retro look. A delicate yellow as a friendly door opener, a blue highlight in the living area, to the restrained nude on the sleeping level. Effects set small aha moments, which nevertheless do not lack practicability.

… to the Result

The first WOW effect is already waiting in the apartment's entrance area. Graphical, in a light yellow retro look, it appears modern and inviting at the same time. However, a narrow staircase is a sensitive area. Scratches of bags or traces of the pet and yard dog Seppel are almost inevitable. This is why the FantasticFleece Siara was finished with a coating of Disbopur 458 PU-AquaSiegel. "This product is actually a floor seal - but it is suitable for areas at risk of dirt and damage such as this staircase," explains Daniela Volk. The 1950s colours are already combined here: with the wall support at the entrance in 3D Patina 80 and the lintel in 3D Mint 55.

As a matt painted base colour, delicate 3D Mint 55 covers the walls of the living and dining area. The sloping ceilings in 3D Curcuma 30, a broken white, add a subtle contrast.

This brings brightness into the room. The now blue fireplace in 3D Lavendel 155 becomes an eye-catcher in the living area - elegant and modern in combination with the mint shade of the walls.

In the kitchen, mint coated with DecoLasur Glossy + 2% PearlWhite is given a very special character.  Great and purposeful side effect: the surfaces are washable to a certain degree and get a light, silvery shimmer.

At the occupant's request, the sleeping area underneath the sloping roofs should become the opposite pole to the dynamic and fresh living area. Relaxing and getting to rest are the most important aims of the interior design. A delicate apricot in 3D Onyx 115 breathes life into the walls. The PremiumClean high-matt interior paint was used here because of its hard-wearing properties. The very easy-to-clean interior coating also makes sense because a large dog is part of the flat-sharing community. The sloping ceilings in 3D Curcuma 30 complete the delicate combination. The light grey beams create the connection, resulting in a harmonious play of pastel hues.

The visual highlight is on the front wall of the sleeping level. An Alpine panorama in five different granite nuances makes the mountains fade in the atmosphere of the horizon. The Switch Lagoon effect pigment relates to the mint in the living area in its own way - slightly shimmering - depending on the lighting situation. The grazing light from the windows or the subtle lighting from the bedside lamp bring the effect into the bedroom from time to time. The fine anthracite-coloured lines of the furniture complement the colour design. A modern and light look without being too playful.

Mountain panorama, that's how it's done:

Would you like to learn more about colour perspective? We have compiled the most important information here.

An idyllic apartment in the Forest of Odes, which combines the lightness of the 1950s with today's demands for a modern and purpose-oriented colour design. It was a successful project for the team of colour lover Daniela Volk and trend expert Sybille Abel - and is also a beautiful inspiration for all those who long for harmonious connections in the living room and their surroundings.

The products in detail:

Staircase walls: Capaver FantasticFleece Siara + DecoLasur matt 3D Tundra 150 + Disbopur 458 PU-AquaSiegel
Lintel: PremiumClean 3D Mint 55; Corner: PremiumClean 3D Patina 80
Living-dining area: Indeko-plus 3D Mint 55, fireplace: Indeko-plus 3D Lavendel 155
Kitchen: Indeko-plus 3D Mint 55 with Capadecor DecoLasur glossy + 2% Pearl White effect pigment
Knee wall sleeping area: PremiumClean 3D Onyx 115
Gable wall mountain panorama: Indeko-plus 3D Granit 10, 15, 25, 35, 45 with Capadecor DecoLasur glossy + 2% Switch Lagoon effect pigment
Sloping ceilings: Indeko-plus 3D Curcuma 30