100% Handmade

Trades are booming - even without the noise

Many sayings revolve around the topic craftsmanship, for example, the well-known saying "A trade in hand finds gold in every land", the proverbial guarantee for a secure income. In ancient times, however, the craftsman did not enjoy much respect. This status only changed with the increasing complexity of professional concepts and progressive specialisation. Many new trades developed. Guilds, which in the course of time had to give way again to industrial series production, but also professions whose products and services meet the highest individual demands today. The desire for unique pieces, contrary to the mainstream, is booming. The combination of a traditional craft technique with the use of natural materials<s> </s>meets the taste of the time. In our fast-moving times, the desire for something consistent and valuable is more present than ever.

The charm of craftsmanship does not stop at the wall. Many a 'white cooper' now is a designer of creative walls. Materiality, feel and texture and the right colour shades make walls come alive. It is the perfect imperfection that lends charm to a surface or wall. The very process of creating a creative surface is part of the design. This is where the special feeling of the painter is required. Every surface bears his signature. The more a professional workmanship deviates from the standard, the more individual and unique the result can be. And this is exactly what the term 'craft' stands for. Quality with the right portion of exclusivity and refinement.