Colour World 3

Natural freshness leaves room for rose

The Colours

Eye-catcher ocean blue, natural green + cool rose

This natural colouring, characterised by expansiveness and freshness, is reminiscent of Nordic clarity. It is defined by an intensive blue and green colour spectrum, the effect of which is intensified or reduced depending on the shade selected. The hues range from veiled emerald green to pastel grass green and soft, cool mint - from vibrant ocean blue to slightly veiled Arctic blue. The images of the Scandinavian lake landscape with meadows and forests immediately arise when architecture and colour design integrate untreated wood. Wood - whether in the form of beams or furniture - adds a warm-toned contrast against the cool, activating freshness of the blue/green combination and thus creates a calm balance. On the other hand, the modern touch with its reserved, cool rose is invigorating.

The Colour Harmonies

Colour harmony strips to take out can be found in the new project book available as of January.

The Surfaces