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1,250 Colour Concepts per Year

This is how a colour concept is created

This is how a colour concept is created

Premium design, Spectrum design or personal consultation? The variety of design tasks ranges from single-family homes to housing estates, from medical practices to hospitals, from kindergartens to retirement homes, from office buildings to industrial plants and cultural buildings - and is always presented in an appropriate form.

The CDS develops more than 1,250 colour concepts per year. Each colour design illustrates colour design ideas and facilitates the decision-making process - always individually. 

Getting to know the project

Planning documents, ideally photos, a visit to the construction site and, of course, the client's wishes are the basis for the development of a colour concept.

From colour to material

We show the design process using the example of an interior design for a gynaecological practice: The decisive factor was the desire to create a familial atmosphere.

The logo of the practice - the image of an ancient Venus - served as the basis for the colour selection. Under the motto "summery, airy, light", very different colour combinations were composed of seven wall colours. Two light basic shades - a cool blue and a delicate yellow - serve as base colours. Five accent hues with medium brightness are variably combined to give the rooms their individual character. The different functional areas such as corridor, reception, waiting area, consulting and treatment rooms thus clearly stand out from each other and are yet connected by colour.

The design takes shape

Two colour variants are being developed. When creating a colour concept, the designer works with true-colour shade cards, from which surface techniques can be produced if necessary. The nuances of colours, surfaces and materials, such as floor coverings, furniture and textiles, are finely coordinated. The coherent overall concept is visualised on the computer and explained in writing.

The final touch

An ultra-modern colour management enables a true-colour printout. In the presentation, this is prepared for dispatch by laminating and cutting.

The complete package is provided to the customer in the form of a folder with designs, colour samples and explanations.

From design to the wall

Individual, particularly successful colour concepts require close teamwork of all parties involved: customer, field service, painter, planner, and colour designer - as it was done here!

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