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"Pattern-perfect" – The Renaissance of Paisley

Surface of the Month - Capaver® Fantastic Fleece

The popular paisley pattern has come a long way. The original ornament is probably based on a floral motif (Boteh pattern) of Persian-Indian origin and came to Great Britain with British soldiers. The name goes back to the Scottish town of Paisley, which advanced to an important textile processing centre in the 19th century.

In the Capaver® FantasticFleece relaunch, Paisley experiences a renaissance. Under the name of 'Mandisa' it is one of five brand-new decors from the FantasticFleece collection. A wooden block stamp for very fine cloth from distant Oman served as a model. With a short stop in the workshop, it went directly to the scanner of our designers for further processing and fine tuning. Paisley simply never dies. Long live Paisley!

...and nothing follows the same pattern. We confront you with the agony of choice by presenting five new FantasticFleece designs. All designs, based on continual trend observations of different product worlds, pass many obstacles until they are finally ready for the market. Product management, marketing creation and the ColorDesignStudio accompany the process from the scribble to the first draft up to the relaunch. The entire FantasticFleece collection comprises ten designs.


Photo of Boteh pattern: Boteh is a Persian motif on textile looking like an almond; author: Fabienkhan