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In search of the perfect structure

The desire for individual surfaces for our walls is unbroken. Special projects require unique concepts with equally unique surfaces. The perfectly pre-assembled product is not always available for this. It doesn't have to be, because often you can meet this need with a little creativity and joy of playing. Important ingredients are a penchant for trends and new surface structures, a passion for painting and a certain spirit of discovery. Sometimes it is sufficient to apply a paint or filler with additives to achieve the desired effect. Structure-forming tools or utensils - used correctly - do the rest. Structural change is guaranteed!

But what distinguishes perfect structures? Do they actually exist? We encounter structures everywhere. In nature, in the digital world, in built architecture and especially in the transience of things, materials and surfaces. The time rushing by leaves traces of patina. Ageing processes of surfaces such as oxidation, signs of wear and tear, broken to morbid-looking surfaces are booming. Their charm appeals to our senses. They reflect the passage of time, they are fleeting, seem to be alive. The development of new structures is all about capturing this process. In the perfect implementation, our walls become snapshots of a constantly changing and fleeting Zeitgeist.

The picture gallery shows a variety of experimental surface variations, achieved with one and the same product.

Here, we deliberately leave the path of classical processing. The use of structuring tools and/or various additives in combination with unconventional processing creates surfaces that are very special, almost unique. No two handmade surfaces are alike. And this is precisely where the charm of a perfect structure is hidden: it is its imperfection.

Non-reproducibility means uniqueness. And, to be honest, who would not like to have it at home, the highlighted wall with a very individual structure and a good portion of handcrafted charm. Of course with signature: 100% handmade!