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Tile-free, Tileable, Tile Effect

Digitising surfaces

Capadecor® Stucco Eleganza - a silky shimmering spatula technique that has just been newly developed - very subtle and exquisite on the wall surface. Simply beautiful!

But how does the mother-of-pearl-like surface appear in a room - for example in my living room behind the sofa? Would it be suitable in medium grey or better in light blue? Realistic room visualisation is helpful to test this. 

All too often, however, the so-called tile effect occurs in a photorealistic representation of textures, or it is difficult to represent them true to scale and in perspective.

This does not have to be the case, because the surfaces can be digitally processed almost to perfection - and this is done as follows:

In order to use our surfaces in high-quality visualisation programmes (2D and 3D applications), they must be scanned. To avoid too frequent tiling during further use, a large sample panel is coated with the product and digitised in a large-format scanner.

So that the textures are seamlessly tileable (i.e. no more transitions can be seen) and they can also be coloured later, they must be further processed after scanning:

First, the differences in brightness are neutralised. In order to be able to colour the surface later, it is completely discoloured. Then the edge transitions are touched up and an even texture is created, which can now be used and coloured in all image processing and 3D programs.

For a representation in the room with the correct perspective, the image is prepared accordingly - for example, in our self-developed SPECTRUM design software: here, the walls are backed with surfaces and then with so-called grids, which lead to a perspective and true-to-scale representation of the wall areas. As shown here for the surface Capadecor® Stucco Eleganza:

More information about the Capadecor® Stucco Eleganza surface and the processing is available here:

In the Caparol Material Studio online, you can easily create digital surfaces yourself

And at you can design your own rooms.